23                                  HISTORY OF THE SEVENTY-EIGHTH REGIMENT O.V.V.I.


           This company was raised in Muskingum and Morgan Counties, and organized December 21st, 1861, in Camp Gilbert, Zanesville, Ohio. E. Hillis Talley was commissioned Captain; Benjamin A. Blandy, First Lieutenant; William S. Harlan, Second Lieutenant.

           These being men of influence, and sustaining a high reputation in the community in which they lived, in a short time raised a company of the best men in their respective neighborhoods.

           Captain Talley was taken sick while the regiment was at Crump's Landing. He was immediately removed to the hospital at Savannah, Tenn., where he died April 1st, 1862. He was the first officer of the regiment to fall a sacrifice to his country; being a young man of much promise, the only son of his parents, and loved and esteemed by all who knew him, caused his death to be deeply felt and regretted. About this time Lieutenant Blandy resigned, and Lieutenant Harlan was promoted to Captain. Israel C. Robinson, of Company "A" was promoted to a Lieutenant and assigned to this Company. Captain Harlan's health, through hardships and exposure gave way, and after trying the bracing climate of the north a few weeks, and the best surgeon's skill, he was necessitated to resign his commission, and quit the service in February, 1863. Lieutenant Robinson was then promoted to Captain, and James C. Harris to a Lieutenantcy.

           Captain Robinson was promoted to Major at Savannah, Ga., and afterward to Lieutenant-Colonel, but did not muster on this last commission, because of irregularity in its issue

.            Lieutenant Harris was mustered out at Savannah, by reason of expiration of term of service, the last of December, 1864. He was a quiet, unassuming and faithful officer, admired and loved by all who knew him.

           Lieutenant Andrew McDaniel was promoted to Captain, and assigned to the command of Company "D;" John R. Edgar, of Company "A," was promoted to First Lieutenant and assigned to this company. Milton F. Ward was promoted to Second Lieutenant in some company. Under these officers the company was mustered out of service July 14th, 1865.

           The following are the names of the non-commissioned officers and enlisted men of the original organization:


1. James C. Harris
2. Simon P. Joy
3. Wm. G. B. McCune
4. David F. Sullivan
5. Bishop D. Stall



1. James Sears
2. James M. Mason
3. Henry C. Lanius
4. Milton F. Ward
5. William H. Sullivan
6. Andrew H. Wallace
7. Enoch Harlan
8. James M. Dutro
Horatio White, 2d Musician; George F. Darling, Wagoner



Arter, Abel
Blackson, John A.
Beatty, Bartly
Berry, Michael
Crawford, Henry
Conn, Levi C.
Camp, James
Coss, Peter
Clark, George W.
Dempster, Albert
Dutro, Thomas W.
Edwards, John
Finney, James
Fox, John W.
France, Thomas B.
Fox, W. Thomas
Frazier, William J.
Gay, Robert E.
Gay, H. H.
Gillespie, Daniel
Gibeaut, Charles J.
Gibeaut, Peter
Huffman, William F.
Haines, Davis
Hall, Thomas J.
Harlan, Thomas J.
Hewitt, Milton
Hamilton, John
Hunt, Albert
Huffman, Samuel

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