35                                  HISTORY OF THE SEVENTY-EIGHTH REGIMENT O.V.V.I.


           Was raised in Muskingum and Noble counties, and was organized January 11th, 1862. Peter Gebhart was chosen Captain, John W. A. Gillespie First Lieutenant, and Joseph C. Jenkins First Lieutenant.

           Captain Gebhart's health failing him, was soon compelled to resign and go home.            Lieutenant Jenkins becoming dissatisfied with military life – disliking its hardships, dangers and exposures, and seeing no way to escape so much sacrifice as the true faithful soldier must necessarily make, except to assume the responsibility and abide the consequences of his own independence – therefore quit the service of his own accord, and is consequently marked a deserter. The writer is not informed of the justice or injustice of the charge, but merely gives the assertion of the records. Lieutenant Gillespie was then appointed Captain of the company; Jesse Patterson First Lieutenant, and Sergeant Iret Rinehart Second Lieutenant.

           Under these officers the company did efficient service; was under good discipline, and did honor to its officers and regiment. The company had many noble and good men – men who were willing to stand by the flag of their country to the last extremity.

           Lieutenant Patterson was mustered out of service at Lake Providence, Louisiana. He was a good, faithful and efficient officer. He was by no means an intemperate man, but the tempter getting the victory over him once, and for this single offence, not repeated, we have heard, was mustered out.

           The same closeness would have mustered out one-half of the officers of the army. This circumstance shows the strict discipline of the Seventy-Eighth Regiment.

           Lieutenant Rhinehart was promoted to First Lieutenant December 19th, 1863. Captain Gillespie having served his three years with much honor and great faithfulness, was mustered out of service early in January, 1865, at Savannah, Ga. Lieutenant Rhinehart was promoted to Captain; Alfred Wymer, of Company "F," to First Lieutenant and assigned to Company "G;" Sergeant Cyrus H. Gardner was promoted to Second Lieutenant: promotions well deserved and well honored. They were both young men of large military experience and correct habits, and make very efficient officers.

           No other changes were made in the officers of the company during its term of service. This company has a good record, and sustained a high reputation in the regiment.

           The following are the names of the non-commissioned officers and enlisted men of the original organization:



1. William C. Simmons
2. Jesse Patterson
3. Samuel Hally
4. Fred Boach
5. Peter B. Lupardus

1. Samuel Fowler
2. John Haze
3. Caleb Mercer
4. William J. Anderson
5. Michael Stewart
6. John R. Hunt
7. Owen Morgan
8. Cyrus H. Gardner
John F. Fenton, 1st Musician; William Gibson, 2d Musician; George W. Gillespie, Wagoner

Arnet, Charles
Archer, Wilson
Armstrong, William
Armstrong, Wilber F.
Beasley, Henry
Bond, Jeremiah
Bash, George
Carpenter, Thomas
Carpenter, John C.

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