NOTE: This table is not included in Stevenson's original work. It is added here for convenience only.

Table of Contents

Front Matter  i
Seventy-Eighth Regiment of Ohio Infantry Volunteers 1
  Company A 8
  Company B 14
  Company C 19
  Company D 23
  Company E 27
  Company F 31
  Company G 35
  Company H 38
  Company I 42
  Company K 46
  Officers and NCOs 49
  War Shadows 58
  Casualties of the War 62
  The Regiment Leaving the State 66
  Generals Grant and Sherman 70
  The Regiment Leaving Dover and Landing near Fort Henry 73
  The Siege of Corinth 78
  Jackson, Tennessee, and Points South 84
  The Movement into Mississippi 97
  The Battle of Memphis 115
  Trip Down the Mississippi 120
  The Siege of Vicksburg 131
  The Regiment after the Surrender of Vicksburg 140
  Home on Veteran Furlough 152
  History of Captain W. W. McCarty's Prison Life, and Southern Prisons 160
  Atlanta, and Sherman's March to the Sea 172
  Savannah, Beaufort, Pocotaligo, Columbia and March to Taylorsville and Goldsboro, North Carolina 181
Index and End Matter   ii



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