39                                  HISTORY OF THE SEVENTY-EIGHTH REGIMENT O.V.V.I.

fought with the most desperate bravery in personal combat in preventing the capture of the flag. Captain Joseph Orr lived in single blessedness till advanced in his forties, having obtained a comfortable living, and more than a competency to maintain a family. He finally, after much exhortation from the Chaplain and his Colonel, repented of the sin of living an old bachelor, corrected and reformed his life by marrying a wife.

           Lieutenant Springer, of Company "C," was promoted to Captain, and assigned to Company "H," but still remained on General Leggett's staff, in charge of the Division Ambulance Train. This position he had filled with great efficiency and acceptance.

           John P. Ross, Sergeant-Major of the regiment, was promoted to First Lieutenant, and assigne

d to Company "H," and had command of the company till the muster-out of the regiment. He was one of those "few and far between" very best of young men; of high Christian integrity, of good attainments, efficiency and close attention to his business, that made him an officer of much success, acceptance and ability

.            Sergeant Robert H. Brown was promoted to Second Lieutenant. He was also a good young man, and an efficient officer, and worthy of every trust and honor given him.

           The following is the list of the non-commissioned officers and enlisted men of the original organization:



1. William A. Dodds
2. Josiah Scott
3. David Rainey
4. William Calihan
5. Robert Brown

1. David McMillen
2. John A. Johnson
3. Samuel Nelson
4. Gabriel H. Feister
5. David T. Caldwell
6. Leander Scott
7. Levi Johnson
8. Hezekiah Hyatt
Shadric Turner, Musician; John T. Allen, Wagoner

Alexander, John
Bichard, P. S.
Barnett, Jacob
Burns, Joshua
Black, James H.
Beam, Daniel
Britton, Robert
Berry, James
Cochran, Thomas
Casey, Samuel
Clipner, David
Clipner, John
Camp, William T.
Camp, John W.
Cook, John B.
Craig, John
Cockrel, George
Dunifer, John
Dawson, James
Dillahey, John
Donalson, Joshua
Gill, Joseph
Gill, Elijah
George, Price C.
Johnson, Nathaniel
Hudson, James
Hunter, John
Hutchison, Nicholas
Haynes, John
Hartshorn, Thomas
Hendrick, Rufus
Kimble, William
Kimble, Robert
King, Benjamin
Kenedy, Benjamin
Keown, Robert
Kimble, George
Kimble, George W.
Linton, Samuel
Lake, William
McBurney, Charles
McDonald, Finley
Mitchell, George P.
McBurney, William
Miller, Lewis
Mitchel, David
Murphy, Lafayette F.
Miller, James M.
Milligan, Alexander F.
McBurney, James
Paden, Dallas
Powell, John W.
Shriver, Adam G.
Stevenson, George W.
Scott, Robert
Sigman, Isaac
Stevenson, Alexander
Schuyheart, Isaac
Thompson, Abram
Thompson, Archibald L.
Turner, James
Turner, James A.
Tucker, Joseph
Voorhers, Joshua
Voorhers, Lewis
Williams, William P.
Wilson, Robert
White, Reese
White, Elisha

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